Is your brand Not Connecting in a genuine and relatable way with your ideal clients?
 Let us examine your marketing materials to determine what’s working and what needs to be tweaked – with results delivered in this introductory consult call will give you the outside perspective you might be missing that can be costing you thousands of dollars.
Want Better Clients?
Build a Better Brand Identity
Or better yet… hire Henry and his team to build it for you. 
This guy knows a thing or two about branding… check out what he has to say about Henry’s Brand Identity Program:
Build Trust Between You + Your Audience Which Will Result In Higher Dollar Sales...
No matter what niche you’re doing business in, you HAVE to stand out from the competition if you want to succeed… instead of just survive.

And high-impact, memorable branding is the key to attracting not just any old clients… but the high-end clients that want you to grow and prosper! 

Henry and his team have 10 years of experience transforming brands from “eh” to “unforgettable”… empowering business owners like you to 2x… 3x… even 10x their sales and profits! 
Having a well developed brand and a strong brand Identity elevates your status in the eyes of your customers and make them want to buy from you more...
Not all brands are created equal…
Did you know that it takes less than 3 seconds for a potential client to decide whether they want to do business with a particular person or company?

That’s because, every day, people are inundated with hundreds – if not thousands – of marketing messages. From television, to streaming video, to social media, they’re bombarded from every angle! 

And they’ll forget 99% of what they see and hear almost instantly

That means that there a whole lot of business owners out there wasting a whole lot of time and money.  

But how is it that there are always one or two businesses in every niche that just crush it?
Simple. Top-shelf branding.

See, every business has a brand, whether you realize it or not. 

Some of those brands are about as exciting as a plate of rice cakes.  

Most of them try to cast too big of a net… which means that they don’t really appeal to anyone

And virtually all of them are utterly forgettable.  

But the rare few businesses that have memorable, focused, exciting branding are the ones that rise to the top… and stay there! 
With top-shelf branding, your perfect clients know they’re in the right place…
Let’s pretend for a minute that you’re opening a high-end restaurant – the kind of place where people would pay $200 for a meal and not even flinch when the bill comes. You insist on serving only the finest upscale cuisine,prepared to utter perfection. 

Now, let’s say you decide to house your restaurant in a building that used to be a fast food joint. You place a life-size ceramic clown in the entryway, and put paper placemats and crayons on every table. Your customers order their meals at the counter, and your employees are instructed to always ask, “Do you want fries with that?” 

How many $200-a-meal patrons do you think you would get?  

Probably not many, right? 

Now, let’s suppose that instead, you purchased a stately mansion to house your restaurant. There’s dark wood throughout, as well as plenty of premiumleather seating. Little candles flicker at each solid oak table, and tuxedoed sommeliers promptly visit each table to offer a selection of rare wines. And at each end of the restaurant, a smooth jazz trio effortlessly fills the atmosphere with lively instrumental numbers.  

Better? Sure. $200-a-meal better? Absolutely! 
You're branding and identity will be designed right the first time, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in rework and lost sales...
If your branding is sloppy, nearly nonexistent, or just way off the mark, you’re not going to get the quality clients you want… no matter how good your service is.

Going back to the example above… you could serve the most amazing, melt-in-your-mouth steaks on the planet, but if your “branding” is more McDonalds and less Commander’s Palace, you’re not going to get the customers who can pay what you charge… or appreciate the excellence you provide!  

That’s why you need top-shelf branding that speaks to your target clients… conveys professionalism and authority… and gets prospects excited to work with you! 

After all, you don’t want spend your time serving filet mignon to the “dollar menu” crowd, right?  
It’s time to level up your branding...
If you’re serious about taking your business to new heights, Henry and his team are here to help! As dedicated marketing and branding veterans, they have the experience, skill, and drive to help you create branding that makes your ideal clients trip over themselves to work with you. 

Henry knows that no two businesses are the same… and believes that their branding should be just as unique. Whether you’re looking for guidance and coaching, or you’re looking for a complete done-for-you branding solution, he has the expertise to create branding that dramatically increases your sales, profits, and competitive advantage!  
Let’s get you better clients
(Your competitors can have the riff-raff.)
Today, you have an important choice to make. You can either decide to keep “winging it” with your branding… and hope that someday, you’ll somehow start bringing in clients that you actually want to work with (and earning the kind of income you deserve for your talents)… 

Or… you can tap into the branding expertise and insights that Henry and his team bring to the table every single day… with “Branding On Demand!” 
Let’s take a look at what some of Henry’s clients have to say…
What is your branding costing you?
Top-shelf branding is an investment. If you’re trying to handle branding on your own or hiring freelancers to “take a stab at it” for you, you’re saving money today at the expense of your sales and profits tomorrow.

Henry and his team create branding transformations that boost his clients’ revenues by as much as [XX]%... usually within a matter of weeks! Think about what that kind of increase could do for your business (especially since you can only go up from there)! 

That’s why Henry’s Branding On Demand clients wouldn’t trust their branding to anyone else – they know that they’re going to get their investment back many times over!

Don’t put off your engaging, high-impact brand transformation – choose your option below and book your spot now: 
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